Integrated Security Services in Delhi

3PSECURITAS is a security service in Delhi. Apart from general security 3PSECURITAS also specializes in integrated security service. Which helps us to customize according to the client’s needs which is constantly evolving. Integrated security service consists of introduction of latest technology, adaption of innovative ideas with implanting new solutions to the security system.

As per the client request 3PSECURITAS provides many types of security guards whose speciality allows them to be appointed as per the clients wish for special purposes. 3PSECURITAS is a pioneer of the Security Guard Services Delhi. 

The various customized security guards having variation in their appearance & work structure of which the two are depicted as follows, each of them is having some specific importance.

Static Guards: In which Unarmed as well as Armed officers are deployed as per the requirement. Mostly Static Guards are deployed at residences, embassies or any other venue where people are present in large number. All the static security guards have 6 months of compulsory experience & training to handle every possible situation.

Patrol Guards: The Patrolling guards are subjected to patrolling, means to keep surveillance over a certain distance in kilometres or radius. And they are equipped with vehicles & mobile phones to make the communication easier & spontaneous between the client location & control centre.

Such kind of different services under security guard services Delhi makes 3PSECURITAS the best security service in Delhi.


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